District, Borough and County Councillors

All of Somerset has at least two tiers of local government. If you live in Somerset, you will be represented by both a District or Borough Councillor as well as by your local County Councillor. Some large wards and one division (Glastonbury & Street) are served by multiple District, Borough or County Councillors.

The District or Borough and County Councils have different responsibilities. The main responsibilities of Somerset County Council include education services, emergency services, libraries, local transport, mental health services, road maintenance and waste disposal. The District councils responsibilities, on the other hand, are housing, leisure and recreation, environmental health, waste collection, planning applications and local taxation collections.

If you live in Somerset and have a local Conservative District, Borough or County councillor you can find the contact details on our website by clicking on the appropriate link below. For convenience, we have broken down the list of councillors by constituency, as well as the council to which they belong.

If you are unsure which constituency you live in, or who your councillors are, you can also check by visiting www.writetothem.com and entering your postcode. 

District or Borough Councils 

Mendip District Councillors

Sedgemoor District Councillors

South Somerset District Councillors

Taunton Deane Borough Councillors

West Somerset District Councillors

County Council

Somerset County Councillors by parliamentary constituency: