How the Grouping is Organised


The Somerset Conservatives Grouping is made up of five Conservative Associations.

The areas that each of these five Associations cover, are the same areas as the five Parliamentary Constituencies that make up the grouping. All five Associations share the same name as the constituency that they cover.     


In terms of their organisation, Associations themselves are broken down into Branches. The area that these cover are often the same as a single or multiple District Wards or County Divisions. For example, Bridgwater Branch covers all of the District Wards that cover the town of Bridgwater.

Branches coordinate Association activities, from fundraising events to campaigning, delivering leaflets and canvassing, in the area that they cover. Again Branches have the sole aim of getting Conservative candidates elected to the parish, town, district, borough and county councils across their area and a Conservative MP elected to parliament.            

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To find out more about each of the five associations in the grouping, click on the relevant link below: 

Bridgwater and West Somerset

North Somerset

Somerton and Frome

Taunton Deane