Mendip District Councillors: Wells

In the Wells constituency, you are represented either by Sedgemoor or by Mendip District Councillors and by Somerset County Councillors, as well as by our MP James Heappey. All three councils are Conservative-controlled.

The main responsibilities your district council include environmental health, car parking, housing benefits and local council housing. 

If you are unsure who your councillors are, you can also check by visiting this website.

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Mendip District Councillors

Ashwick Chilcompton & Stratton

Rachel Carter 

John Carter

Covering: Ashwick, Binegar, Chilcompton,Oakhill and Stratton-on-the-Fosse

Chewton Mendip & Ston Easton

Tom Killen

Covering:  Chewton Mendip, Emborough, Litton, Priddy, Ston Easton and Clapton

Croscombe & Pilton

Nigel Hewitt-Cooper 

Covering:  Croscombe, North Wootton, Pilton and St Cuthbert Out South

Glastonbury St Benedict's

Steve Henderson 

Glastonbury St John's

John Coles 

Glastonbury St Mary's

John Brunsdon 


Graham Noel 

Covering: Meare, Sharpham, Walton

Shepton East

Jeannette Marsh 

Shepton West

John Parham 

Simon Davies

St Cuthbert Out North

Mike Pullin

Covering: St Cuthbert Out East, Walcombe, Easton, Wookey

Street North

Tim Rice

Street West

Terry Napper 

Wells Central

John North

Wells St Cuthbert's

John Osman

Harvey Siggs 

Wells St Thomas 

Danny Unwin 

Wookey & St Cuthbert Out West

Nigel Taylor 

Covering: Godney, St Cuthbert Out West and Wookey