Councillor raises parcel concerns with Royal Mail

Local County Councillor for Wincanton and Bruton, Anna Groskop, has written to the Royal Mail to raise her and local residents’ concerns over plans to stop missed delivery collections from the Bruton Post Office.

Currently if someone is not in to accept their delivery, the parcel is left at the Bruton Post Office for collection. From Monday 2nd July local residents will have to do a round trip of over 10 miles just to collect their parcel.

Anna Groskop, local councillor and Bruton resident, commented, “The Royal Mail say that you can request a re-delivery of your parcel, but this isn’t good enough for people who work. At the moment they can pop-down the Post Office before work but they can’t guarantee to be in on the re-delivery.

“They have also not thought about the elderly residents or people who struggle with transport. How are they meant to easily make the trip to Wincanton and back? We want to encourage local residents to stay and shop in Bruton, but the Royal Mail is forcing them out of the town.”

Anna has started a petition, which is being delivered to local residents, and has written to Royal Mail to raise her concerns.

Anna's letter below:

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to ask you to reconsider you decision for customers in the Bruton area from July 2nd to be unable to collect undelvered mail from their local Post Office. In a rural area we have many pensioners who will find it very difficult to travel to Wincanton to collect undelivered mail. As you offer the facility to collect from their local Pot Office for a small fee surely this could be done free particularly as you offer a redelivery even to an alternative address. It does seem rather punitive to charge people to collect locally.
Anna Groskop
District and County Councillor