County Leader puts forward the case for Somerset

Somerset County Council Leader, John Osman, met with Government Ministers Bob Neil and Greg Clark last week at the Local Government Conference to discuss the future financing for Somerset Councils and nuclear development at Hinkley point.

John Osman said “I was pleased to have an opportunity to meet with Bob and Greg to put forward positive ideas that would have a beneficial impact on the lives of Somerset residents.”

In his meeting with Bob Neil, the Minister for Local Government, John Osman pointed out that Somerset residents’ council tax is taken by the government to support other parts of the country. John made it clear that Somerset money should be spent on Somerset residents and that he would be fighting for a fair deal for Somerset.

The meeting with Greg Clark, the Minister for Decentralisation and Planning, was held with the Leader of Sedgmoor District Council, Duncan McGinty. A briefing was provided to the Minister about the latest developments at Hinkley Point.

John and Duncan were pressing that the local communities that will be affected by the construction and operation of the new power station, should receive more assistance to mitigate the impact of the construction process and more community benefit once the power station is operational.

“It is only fair that if Somerset communities are being asked to shoulder the burdens associated with the power station, which will provide power to homes all over the country, that they should be adequately compensated” commented John Osman.