Fysh backs Access For All

Access for All is a registered charity which offers support and consultation to Councils and residents alike. Previously known as South Somerset Disability Forum, Access for All has been running in excess of 10 years. The charity provides behind the scenes consultation services to South Somerset District Council, Yeovil Town Council, businesses, Women's Institute, Scouts, Brownies to name but a few. Access for All also delivers full Equality Training to Taxi drivers and has a wealth of support and advice to offer the community.

Cherry Cobb says "While we are reliant on volunteer help and local support, the charity works hard to ensure facilities are right for any sufferers of physical disabilities in South Somerset. Architects do not necessarily plan for disabled people, and we are available for consultation and to offer advice".

Marcus Fysh MP visited the Access for All office on South Street in Yeovil, "It is fantastic to see such a committed group working hard to ensure Yeovil and the South Somerset area is future proofed for disabled people. Many residents may not realise the work that is already being done, and it is important we continue to support such groups. Sometimes simple items like A-boards can cause real issues for disabled people - but not everyone thinks of such things. As the population ages, the number of people who will have issues with sight/mobility/hearing will increase dramatically".

Marcus has agreed to set up a wider meeting with the charity with a view to helping their support network to widen.

Access for All can be contacted by emailing: info@accessforall.solutions or calling 01935 706766. They can also be found on facebook: www.facebook.com/accessforallsolutions