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North Somerset Conservatives believe in Conservative principles and the Conservative way of doing things - freedom of the individual coupled with responsibility to help those less fortunate.  We therefore try in any way we can to make sure that the people who run our lives, by way of local government as well as our national and European parliaments, are Conservatives, too. 

The association have many active branches in most areas of the constituency including the surrounding villages. Each has its own committee, elected annually, of chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc. Association members belong to whichever branch is appropriate for where they live and may, or may not, choose to be actively involved on their local committee. Committee members arrange fund-raising social events – coffee mornings, lunches, teas, dinners, quiz nights, barbecues, skittles, antiques shows, the list is endless.

In addition to the local branches, there is the Conservative Women’s Organisation (the CWO) which meets regularly for a political discussion, as well as organising its own fund-raising social events.


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