Wells Constituency Councillors

Wells Constituency Councillors

In the Wells Constituency, you are represented either by Sedgemoor or by Mendip District Councillors and by Somerset County Councillors, as well as by our Prospective MP James Heappey.  All three councils are Conservative-controlled.

The main responsibilities of Somerset County Council include education services, emergency services, libraries, local transport, mental health services, road maintenance and waste disposal. A district council in comparison focuses around services in a much smaller area. With a smaller budget, they focus on services in areas including environmental health, car parking, housing benefits and local council housing. 

If you are unsure who your councillors are, you can also check by visiting this website.

Please click on the links below to see the full contact detail for your District and County Councillors:

Sedgemoor District Councillors:

Axe Vale - John Denbee (Conservative)
Axe Vale - Liz Scott (Conservative)
Covering: Axbridge, Badgworth, Chapel Allerton, Compton Bishop and Weare 

Berrow - Tony Grimes (Conservative)
Covering: Berrow and Brean

Burnham Central - Dennis Davey (Conservative)
Burnham Central - Michael Clarke (Conservative)
Covering: Burnham Without Brue, Burnham Central and Burnham South Parish
Burnham North - Peter Burridge-Clayton (Conservative)
Burnham North - Neville Jones (Conservative)
Burnham North - Ken Smout (Conservative)
Covering: Burnham North Ward 

Cheddar and Shipham - Peter Downing (Conservative)
Cheddar and Shipham - Dawn Hill (Conservative) 
Cheddar and Shipham - Jeff Savage (Conservative)
Covering: Cheddar, Nyland and Shipham

Knoll  - Bob Filmer (Conservative)
Knoll  - Andrew Gilling (Conservative)
Covering: Brent Knoll, Burnhamn Without Edithmead Ward, East Brent and Lympsham
Wedmore and Mark -  Richard Burden (Conservative)
Wedmore and Mark -  Diana Bayliss (Conservative)
Covering: Mark, Blackford, Theale and Wedmore

Mendip District Councillors:

Ashwick Chilcompton & Stratton - Rachel Carter (Conservative) 
Ashwick Chilcompton & Stratton - Steven Priscott (Conservative) 
Covering: Ashwick, Binegar, Chilcompton,Oakhill and Stratton-on-the-Fosse
Chewton Mendip & Ston Easton - Tom Killen (Conservative) 
Covering:  Chewton Mendip, Emborough, Litton, Priddy, Ston Easton and Clapton
Croscombe & Pilton - Nigel Hewitt-Cooper (Conservative) 
Covering:  Croscombe, North Wootton, Pilton and St Cuthbert Out South
Glastonbury St Benedict's - Steve Henderson (Conservative) 
Covering: Glastonbury St Benedict's

Glastonbury St John's - John Coles (Conservative) 
Covering: Glastonbury St John's

Glastonbury St Mary's - John Brunsdon (Conservative) 
Covering: Glastonbury St Mary's
Moor - Graham Noel (Conservative) 
Covering: Meare, Sharpham, Walton
Rodney and Westbury - Julie Baker (Conservative) 
Covering: Rodney Stoke and Westbury-sub-Mendip
Shepton East - Mrs Bente Height (Conservative) 
Shepton East - Jeannette Marsh (Conservative) 
Covering: Shepton East
Shepton West - John Parham (Conservative) 
Covering: Shepton West
St Cuthbert Out North - Ron Forrest (Conservative) 
Covering: St Cuthbert Out East, Walcombe, Easton, Wookey
Street North - John Carter (Conservative) 
Street North - George Steer (Conservative) 
Covering: Street North

Street West - Terry Napper (Conservative)
Covering: Street West

Wells Central - John North (Conservative) 
Covering: Wells Central
Wells St Cuthbert's - John Osman (Conservative) 
Wells St Cuthbert's - Harvey Siggs (Conservative) 
Covering: Wells St Cuthbert's
Wells St Thomas'  - Andy Denison (Conservative) 
Covering: Wells St Thomas'
Wookey & St Cuthbert Out West - Nigel Taylor (Conservative) 
Covering: Godney, St Cuthbert Out West and Wookey

Somerset County Councillors:

Brent - John Denbee (Conservative)
Covering: Badgworth, Berrow, Brean, Brent Knoll, Burnham Without Brue Ward, Burnhamn Without Edithmead Ward, Burhnham Without Highbridge, Chapel Allerton, Compton Bishop, East Brent, Lympsham, Weare
Burnham on Sea North - Peter Burridge-Clayton (Conservative)
Covering: Burnham Central, Burnham North
Cheddar - Dawn Hill (Conservative)
Covering: Axbridge, Cheddar, Nyland and Shipham
Glastonbury & Street (B) - Terry Napper (Conservative)
Covering: Glastonbury St Benedict's, Glastonbury St Edmund's, Glastonbury St John's, Glastonbury St Mary's, Street North, Street South, Street West
Highbridge & Burnham South - John Woodman (Conservative)
Covering: Burnham South Parish, Highbridge, Burnham Marine
Mendip Hills - Harvey Siggs (Conservative)
Covering: Ashwick, Binegar, Oakhill, Chewton Mendip, Chilcompton No.1 (North West), Chilcompton No.2 (South East), Emborough, Litton, Priddy, St Cuthbert Out East, Ston Easton, Clapton, Stratton on the Fosse, Holcombe, Kilmersdon
Mendip West - Graham Noel (Conservative)
Covering: Godney, Meare, North Wootton, Rodney Stoke, Sharpham, Walcombe, Easton, Wookey Hole, St Cuthbert Out South, St Cuthbert Out West, Walton, Westbury-Sub-Mendip, Wookey
Shepton Mallet - John Parham (Conservative)
Covering: Croscombe, Shepton Mallet East, Shepton Mallet West

Wells - John Osman (Conservative)
Covering: Wells Central, Wells St Cuthbert's, Wells St Thomas'
King Alfred - David Huxtable (Conservative)
Covering:  Mark, Blackford, Theale, Wedmore, Pawlett, Stretcholt, West Huntspill, Chilton Polen, Cossington, East Huntspill, Puriton, Alstone, Woolavington North, Woolavington South