Brexit vote more important than Christmas

Parliament should be prepared to sit through Christmas if necessary to resolve the deadlock over Brexit, Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger warned last night.

He said the Prime Minister’s decision to call off Tuesday’s crucial vote on the deal showed she has listened to the continuing concerns of scores of MPs.

But he said voters now wanted an end to months of uncertainty and to know exactly where the country stood as the Brexit deadline loomed.

As Mrs May prepared to return to Brussels to seek changes to the deal, particularly on the question of the Irish border, Mr Liddell-Grainger appealed for his own constituents to keep him in touch with the public’s latest view on the way forward.

Speaking after a visit to Downing Street for discussions with prime ministerial advisors he said: “All through this process we have been feeding the views of the public through to Parliament and it is vital, now we are approaching the end game, that that flow of information continues.

“What concerns me and many other MPs is that time is running out: as things stand the House is due to rise for Christmas on the 21st.

“But we are in pretty well uncharted waters now and exceptional times require exceptional measures, even if that means sitting on Christmas Day if we need to: the future of the UK is far more important, after all, than 650 peoples’ holidays.”