Pledge to Vote Conservative on 5 May

On 5th May voters across Britain have a crucial decision to make: to vote for a strong Conservative who will stand up for you and your local area for the next four years, or for Jeremy Corbyn’s

David Warburton MP Supports Plans to Devolve Sunday Trading Rules

David Warburton MP has co-signed a letter to the Sunday Telegraph and a report from the British Infrastructure Group of MPs (BIG), 'Sunday trading for the 21st Century', supporting the government's plans to devolve power to local authorities over Sunday trading rules.

Devolving powers to Scotland

We are delivering for Scotland by devolving more powers to the Scottish Parliament. The fiscal framework agreed by the UK and Scottish governments will underpin the new powers being delivered i

Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners are the democratic link between the police and the public.They are visible, public figures, elected in the most powerful way possible - at the ballot box -